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Indigo Pathway was built with the goal of pointing you towards a job you’ll love that pays the bills. It starts by knowing who you are, believing in your purpose, and discovering exactly where you will shine.

Once you get clear on YOU, it’s much easier to make good life choices.

The IndigoPathway store is a one-stop shop for maximizing your quiz results. We want to make self-actualization assessable!

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The Indigo Education Company (IEC) was founded in 2013 with the vision for helping education shift toward the learner. Our fundamental belief is that we are all born with a purpose and education should focus on helping each individual reach their full potential.

When COVID-19 hit, Indigo CEO, Sheri Smith wanted to expand the company’s reach beyond secondary and college students to support all learners no matter their age. Indigo provides the IndigoPathway Quiz to anyone in the world at no cost via their 501c3 non-profit arm. We support people in finding fulfilling careers that don’t require a college degree so there are no barriers to success.


Indigo Education Company


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