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You Can't Mess Up Your Life - Sheri Smith on the Riderflex Podcast

Feb 04, 2021

Indigo CEO Sheri Smith recently went on the Riderflex podcast to talk about career advice, jobs, and the impact Indigo seeks to make in people's lives. As they discuss the different paths their lives have taken in the context of careers, Sheri also talks about life lessons she's gained through experience. Many individuals often experience the fear of messing up their lives, especially when they're young. However, because life goes on and growth is a natural part of progress, "you can't mess up your life."

Listen below to hear the full story!

Riderflex is a national, Colorado based, premier headhunter, RPO and employment agency; recruiting and searching the top talent for staffing your teams. Riderflex gives Career Advice & Job Interviewing Tips on this podcast. In addition, Riderflex interviews the most successful entrepreneurs, CEO's, and business leaders. Hear them tell the "REAL" stories of what it's like to start and lead businesses.

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