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How to Reinvent Your Career without Sacrificing Yourself

Jan 11, 2021

In this episode of Park Howell's podcast The Business of Storyguest speaker Kevin Gazzara talks about how you can reinvent yourself for a career, even in the context of a global pandemic. In this episode, the speakers discuss:

  • How you can find your true purpose and passion by trusting your inner sage and combatting your saboteurs
  • How you can assess your current environment for happiness and engagement and what to do if you find that you are lacking either or both
  • Why networking and sharing your network with others can lead to huge success in your personal and professional life
  • Dr. Gazzara shares how he has utilized the systems theory in his leadership coaching and how it can benefit your life.

For example, Gazzara goes over his own personal experiences in science and music and how they led him to reshaping himself from a tech executive to coaching executives instead.

Give the episode a listen and think about how your IndigoPathway matches might connect to your own personal experiences. How would you go about reinventing yourself to better match your passions?

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