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What is IndigoPathway?

Feb 01, 2021

With millions of Americans left unemployed from COVID-19, IndigoPathway aims to guide people on their search for more fulfilling careers. IndigoPathway is a free online resource for job-seeking Americans, students, and workforce development organizations across the country. IndigoPathway guides people from all backgrounds to discover new careers and industries that don’t require a four-year degree. 

IndigoPathway is a comprehensive solution that relies on:

  • Discovery: A 10-minute free survey gives users detailed information on their strengths, motivators, DISC-based behaviors, and communication styles (the survey is sponsored by Indigo’s 501c3 non-profit arm). Take the free survey here.
  • Career Matching: Each person’s unique attributes help generate a list of curated, highly accurate career matches focused on in-demand jobs that can be obtained without a bachelor’s degree. These include emerging fields like virtual reality, social entrepreneurship, sustainability, and distributed ledger technology.
  • Education Database: Custom career matches are connected to an extensive database of non-traditional education certifications, apprenticeships and training opportunities to help users not only get the jobs they want, but ones that align with their individual strengths. The database gets updated for new programs, schools, and other organizations that are able to submit listings of more unique opportunities that users can explore.  Submit a listing for your education program here.

Watch this video for a detailed breakdown on IndigoPathway!


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