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Whether you want to use the IndigoPathway Career Quiz in your program, maximize your personal results, or sign-up for personal coaching, the IndigoPathway store has all you need to choose a fulfilling career. 

Online Courses

Are you embarking on your career or wanting to start fresh on a new job path?  Our online courses provide the personal and career insight you need to know who you are and what to look for. 

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Our workshop certification courses offer training and guidance on how to best utilize IndigoPathway in your workforce development or career readiness program. We offer unique courses for both workforce transition coaches and high school counselors.

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Our certified Indigo coaches offer one-on-one support to dive deeper into your Pathway results and keep you motivated through your career transitions.

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Free Career Quiz

If you haven't already experienced the IndigoPathway career quiz. Try it now! It's only ten minutes and your results are the basis of all the learning on this site.


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What can you expect from an IndigoPathway certification?


Live Zoom Classes from Indigo's co-founder.

Get the interactive education you need to master the IndigoPathway elements for career guidance.

Access to World-Class Resources and Videos. 

We offer lots of educational resources to help remember concepts and implement team-building exercises.

A community of practitioners in your field using Indigo Pathway

Sign up and connect with other education professionals to swap stories and share breakthroughs. 

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Know who you are.

Know where you're going.

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IndigoPathway is the perfect complement to your workforce development or career readiness program! Our free survey supports job seekers in knowing their personal strengths, motivators, and behaviors. Our online courses take this information a step further so that you can be confident in your career choices moving forward. 

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What Our Users are Saying:


Janet Johnson

"Finally!  A career personality test that explains my results instead of tells me what to do!"

Aimee Right

"I love the communication tips so much that I signed up for the course!"

Jamie Sonet

"Sueann Casey is a phenomenal instructor!   I can't wait to coach my students with IndigoPathway!"

John Lief

"IndigoPathway was just the thing to help get me out of my COVID unemployment slump."

Bridget Blue

"I took Indigo in my high school, I'm so happy to see it's out there for the public now!"

Angie Birman

"The courses were really helpful. I felt like I got to know myself and my family better."

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