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IndigoPathway's Education Certification acts as a supplement to instructors and educators teaching career readiness workshops, units, or other Career Technical Education (CTE) focused courses.

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Why get Certified?

IndigoPathway results enhance career readiness, CTE, and SEL programs in the following ways:

  • Know your student’s unique strengths, motivators, and communication style.

  • Improve counseling sessions and save time.

  • Enhances your Social Emotional Learning program. Aligns with CASEL’s model.

  • Increase communication effectiveness by communicating in the way that each student uniquely needs.

  • Explore career matches and educational opportunities that don’t require a four-year degree.

  • Having a more significant discussion with students about the purpose and aligning work with your “design.”

  • Setting students up for success with self-awareness and confidence about their future.

How to Incorporate IndigoPathway Into Your School Program

1. Take the Survey

Students take the 10-minute career path, self-awareness quiz.

2. Deepen Connection

Review the results of the quiz with students to deepen engagement and improve self-confidence.

3. Explore Pathways

Find best-fit career matches and faster, cheaper alternatives to a traditional college.

4. Support Action

Help students take the first step toward a fulfilling future!

What does it take to be IndigoBasics Certified?: 

IndigoBasics Certification is a 3-workshop series where you build the foundations to become a subject matter expert on the Indigo indicators and earn your IndigoBasics Certificate.

Each workshop is 90 minutes via zoom and will be recorded if you are unable to attend part or all of any session.

What’s included in Certification?

  • All workshop materials and videos for use in your own workforce development programming.
  • PDF copy of our “Assessing Your Genius 101” workbook.
    A PDF copy of Indigo Fieldbook for high schools.
  • A PDF copy of Indigo Family guides to distribute to your families.
  • Membership in our online certification community to share ideas and resources with other workforce development professionals.
    Monthly zoom calls for certified professionals only to ask questions and review pressing topics.
  • Opportunity to preview for free select IndigoPathway courses and product offerings in the pre-release phase.

To get started:


Step 1: Complete the Educator certification enrollment form below.


Step 2: You will receive a follow-up email with details to get started and a calendar invites with zoom details.


Step 3: Take the Career Path Quiz (if you haven't already).


Step 4: Attend your workshop series.


Workshop Descriptions

(90 minutes each)

Upcoming Workshop Dates - TBD


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Please let us know if you are interested in joining a certification session. We will set the dates once the first group is formed.

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